Process Plant Operator - 42/21 Rotation
Process Plant Operator - 42/21 Rotation     Closing Date : Closed
Salary: Negotiable and will be decided after Interview
Experience: 10+
Posted On: 5th November 2017
Scope of Work: If you are meeting all the 5 parameters mentioned in Minimum Requirements. Kindly send your CV to JOBS@UDEEL.COM bearing in mind that you will not receive any notification / acknowledgement if any of the parameters are not fulfilled.
Minimum Requirement: * Diploma in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering

* 10+ Years of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical Experience.

* 4+ Years experience in Offshore Platform.

* Willing to work in Rotational Basis on a Bachelor Status in Offshore Platform / Island.

* Should not be younger than 28 years of age.