Engineer - Instrumentation & Control

Client: ADNOC ONSHORE (Previously ADCO)


Brief Description: Provides Control engineering services to projects related to oil and gas production, pressure maintenance, transport and export. Ensures application of sound Control engineering principles and practices to assigned design and development projects. Includes participating in feasibility studies, preparing conceptual designs for new systems and/or modifications for existing ones. Participates in tendering and contracting activities related to Control engineering segments of development projects and may represent the Company with selected design consultants.


Detailed Description: 


Key Performance Indicators



Conducts feasibility and optimization studies for small projects, as assigned. Includes:

Scope is well defined and enables good cost estimates

Selected options are well defined and can proceed with conceptual/basic engineering.



- Preparing preliminary cost estimates,




- Preparing economic comparisons of alternative schemes,




- Preparing preliminary cost estimates, and




- Assisting consultants, contractors and/or other concerned Company personnel in scoping, defining, and planning such projects.




Participates in detailed technical evaluation for limited activities, and/or safety audits for assigned plant areas or equipment.

Issue technical evaluation report.

Recommended remedial actions are viable.



Prepares conceptual, basic, and detailed control engineering designs and specifications for in house design projects related to modifications, improvements of Control systems and plants.

Designs and specifications are consistent with international codes and practices and ADCO’s approved Control engineering standards, and meeting customers requirements



Reviews tenders for Control engineering designs and specifications submitted by engineering consultants/contractors.

Comments on the technical and commercial aspects of submissions are valid.



Participates in the identification, definition, evaluation and validation of plant modification /upgrading requests involving:

Clear understanding of PMRF scope.



- liaising with concerned parties e.g Field and Terminal Operations Divisions, or other engineering departments,

Proper communications with concerned parties.



- Gathering, researching, analyzing relevant data and information, and

Collected field data is accurate.



- Preparing recommendations with necessary technical back-up, as appropriate.

Recommendations are clear and viable



Assists in house Draughtsmen in the preparation of necessary drawings.

ADCO’s engineering procedures are followed.

Accurate information is given to Draughtsmen.





Liaises with engineering consultants during basic design phase of assigned projects. This includes:




- Participating the Review of drawings and documents,

Comments on drawings and documents are valid and clear.



- Interfacing with concerned field personnel to facilitate collection of relevant data and other technical documents.

Effective communication with consultants and field personnel.



Carries out technical support duties such as:




- Participating in the preparation of cost estimates for future capital projects for inclusion in the overall capital budget;

Accuracy of estimates are within allowable limits.



- Participating in HAZOP studies for proposed plant modifications; and

Active participation in Hazop studies.



- Preparing regular activity/progress reports for assigned projects, etc.

Accurate and timely progress reports.



Participates in the preparation of the department budget as applicable to his discipline.

Expenditure is within budgetary limits.



Participates in the training and development of assigned UAE national employees. Includes inducting fresh graduates, monitoring and reporting on progress.

Engineers are trained, developed and given ample opportunity to participate in the section’s activities.



Knows the Company health, safety and environmental policy, procedures, regulations and objectives as they relate to his area of responsibility, and ensures that they are effectively implemented in his domain.

Safe working at all times.

No lost time accidents.


Minimum Qualification: B. Sc. in Electronics Engineering.


Minimum Experience: 10+ years' experience in design and development of capital projects related to Control systems within the oil and gas industry.