Senior Specialist - Investments & Partnerships

Client: Power & Energy Industry, UAE

Job Title: Senior Specialist - Investments & Partnerships

Job Purpose: 

The Investments & Partnerships Senior Specialist is responsible for leading and supporting strategies and programs to accelerate the energy sector development through investments and partnerships. They will continually improve partnership practice, grow portfolio of partners, create go-to-market plans and drive expansion opportunities.

In addition, this role is responsible for identifying investment opportunities, building investment appetite within the energy sector and supporting new investment strategies. This also involves responsibility over promoting private sector investments, developing and implementing market and competition policy and leading on privatization and liberalization strategy. 

Job Specific Responsibilities: 

  • Lead in developing investment strategies and partnership plans, including assisting in marketing plans, to strengthen energy sector.
  • Establish the policy strategy to oversee and facilitate, any current/new/prospective investors in the energy sector, including timely implementation of all new investments (new IPPs & WPPs in particular) in the sector.
  • Identify areas for investments within the energy sector, with an acceptable ROI. Drive plans of implementation, gaining support from the relevant stakeholders.
  • Assess the impact of any potential investment initiative, including the economic, social and environmental impact. Share findings with the relevant stakeholders.Develop and promote markets and competition policy, where it has potential to provide value to Abu Dhabi and following direction from the Abu Dhabi government.
  • Develop the strategy for operations associated with cross-border power trading (e.g. ENG, GCCIA, PAEM, and specific bi-lateral agreements) and cascade down to Pricing and Tariffs department for implementation where applicable.
  • Work closely with the Ministry of Energy UAE to implement Project Synergy recommendations and represent Abu Dhabi in associated regulatory working groups.
  • Assess and develop, following direction from the Abu Dhabi government, the policy strategy for sector privatization and liberalization
  • Identity opportunities for expanding partnership portfolio, promoting the sector through various collaborations and representing the Client, both regionally and globally.
  • Develop pan-Arab and GCCIA collaboration on energy sector advancements and cross-border initiatives, and represent the Abu Dhabi/UAE in the associated working groups.
  • Conduct assessment for partnership and collaboration appetite within the energy sector, identifying common initiatives.
  • Conduct research into partnership methodologies both regionally and globally, benchmarking common practices.
  • Maintain knowledge of emerging best practices on enhancing partnerships, including good practice examples, and guidelines through internal and external networks.
  • Ensure comparability of the Client's operations to best practices.
  • Assess the benefits and risk in partnering or collaborating with certain bodies, assessing their risk profile and reputations.
  • Assist in maintaining ongoing relationships, seeking ongoing feedback and identifying ways in growing existing relations.
  • Maintain a log of existing partners and partners to be strategically identified.
  • Coordinate with the different directorate in driving partnership strategies, advising and assisting directorates in identifying developing and structuring partnership initiatives and plans across the sector.
  • Identify ways of improving the investment climate, especially focusing on facilitating the mobilization of private sector participation and financing.
  • Coordinate with the Investments Senior Specialist (Part of the Financial Management Team under Financial & Administrative Affairs) to lead, provide advice and recommendations on investment proposals, risk, return and timelines if required.

Job Requirements:

●     Bachelor's degree in a relevant field e.g. Finance, International Relations, etc.

●     Minimum of 8+ years of experience, in applying economics and/or developing policy in an international regulatory environment,