HSE Engineer (Offsite)

Company: ADNOC OFFSHORE (Previously ADMA & ZADCO)

Work Location: Offshore Site, Abu Dhabi

Job Purpose:  Monitors the application of HSE Standards and code of practices provides advice and support in area of PTWs, isolations, chemical handling etc.  Inspects all existing and mobile plants, equipments and installations in assigned area of responsibility to ensure adherence to company's established rules, standards and codes of practice.  Monitors implementation of the approved annual safety program.  Support Site management in Emergency situation and preparedness.  Promotes awareness of site personnel to safety.  Investigates incidents/accidents and writes related statistical and analytical reports.

Key Accountablities:

  • Job Specific Accountabilities

    HSE Management & Programmes:-

    • Monitors and controls implementation of the approved annual Safety and Environmental Protection Programme prepared for assigned area of responsibility,
    • Inspects regularly all fixes and mobile equipment and facilities to ensure adherence to saftey standards and codes of practice,
    • Highlights and identifies abnormalities, deviations and substandard practices to concerned Divisional/Departmental Heads recommending corrective remedial measures and follow-up implementation of same,
    • Identifies imminent hazardous areas, assesses potential impact/risk and enforces immediate implementation of remedial actions,
    • Attends to safe handling of hazardous substances and radio-active sources and provides continuous safety coverage on site during loading of such substances and implementing hot work programmes to ensure safety of working


  • Accidents/Incidents Investigations:-

    • Investigates industrial accidents/incidents involving personnel, plants and equipment including dangerous occurrences in area of responsibility,
    • Studies causes and reports to Supervisor recommending corrective preventive measures keeping area management informed,
    • Ensures implementation of approved ones,
    • Prepares monthly statistical reports of accidents, highlighting and analysing problem areas and recommending preventive measures.


    Safety of Engineering Projects/Equipments 


    • Studies all engineering designs and drawings pertaining to modifications of plants, equipment, installations or works to ensure adherence to safety rules, standards and codes of practice, during all phases of implementation,
    • Ensures that all procedural data pertaining to hazardous substances/radio-active sources are available and necessary precautions are observed when handling,
    • Participates in technical task forces to study specific engineering safety
    • Reviews all existing safety rules and procedures such as: emergency and non-routine work ...etc, in light of recurring incidents/accidents and recommends enhancements and amendments,
    • Controls implementation and monitors adherence to approved
    • Conducts safety courses and seminars to promote personnel awareness to safety rules, regulations and procedures, includes: usage of fire-fighting and life-saving equipment,
    • Provides safety expertise/advice to supervisors on own self-inspection programmes, participates in developing/enhancing checklists,
    • Liaises with work associates and area expertise/advice to Supervisors on own self- inspection programmes,
    • Ensures that all amendments/enhancements of safety rules, regulations and procedures are conveyed to all personnel through Supervisors, bulletins or Monitors adherence to and compliance with same.

    Safety, Fire and Environmental Contol Equipment 

    • Originates/initiates requests for additional equipment,
    • Evaluates technically suppliers' proposals/samples and personally tests technical capability of efire, safety, life-saving and environmental equipment and reverts to Supervisor with appropriate recommendations,
    • Ensures that all such existing equipment are operating efficiently and within easy access,
    • Conducts daily atmospheric monitoring of the environment to establish pollutants

    Environmental Protection Role 

    • Acts as site representative for the Environmental Management Systems,
    • Advises and assists in sampling, monitoring and analysis of discharge,
    • Reports environmental performance and trends,
    • Participates in the preparation of and execution of emergency exercises,
    • Advises on environmental awareness, controls and waste management procedures,
    • Advises on environmental impact during risk assessment, project review, HAZOP study & plant modification,
    • Participates in environmental awareness campaign/ training,
    • Follows-up environmental incident


Qualification, Experience & Knowledge Skills:

  • Bachelors Degree in Chemical/Mechanical Engineering or Similar Discipline.  Safety Engineering or equivalent degree in an engineering / technical discipline.
  • 8+ years relevant work experience in the oil and gas related to HSE
  • Membership of recognised International Safety Organisation will be an added advantage.