Production Supervisor (Test Vessel)

Client: ADNOC OFFSHORE (Previously ADMA Opco & ZADCO)

Work Location: Abu Dhabi Offsites / Islands

Work Cycle: 28 Days ON / 28 Days OFF

Hiring Status: Long Term DIRECT Hire (Under payrolls of ADNOC)

Job Purpose: Supervises the operations of wellhead towers and field activities on Test Vessel, including well test using test vessels and unloading.  Extending the operation to flow testing using MPFM and test seperators.  Ensures all field work and changes are carried out according to ADNOC Offshore Rules and Regulations, efficiently and safely.  Carries out well test for field wells.  Carries out monitoring and operating the test vessel activities and field operations.  

General Accountabilities: 

  • Supervises the well testing, unloading and depresurization jobs on WHT by utilizing the test vessel.
  • Executes and implement PTW on the Well Head Towers as per Safety Regulations.  Takes lead and acts as first line of control during the emergencies as per ZWSC emergency procedures on test vessel and report to CCR.  
  • Support the control room during the non-operational weather through monitoring and supervising the control room.  Support Field Manager in Non-Operational Weather through DOA (Delegation of Authority) based on experience.
  • Monitors and coordinates with Logistics Supervisor any marine vessels, barges, drilling rigs, helicopter and boat movements for personnel movements as per ADNOC Offshore Regulations that may affect test vessel operations. 
  • Supervises the operations of Oil, Gas and Water Productions, including opening and closing wells, adjustment of wells, carries out well testing utilizing MPFM, test seperators and MPFM on the towers, adjusting chemical injection rates by coordination with CCR Supervisor (ZW) and Field Supervisor.
  • Directs, controls and supervises the activities of TV team of contracts workforce involved in operating the production/Testing facilities, including starting up, shutting down the wells, first line maintenance and reservior monitoring pressure survey, sampling and WHT Housekeeping.
  • Prepares a daily, weekly and monthly work plan to carry out the well test/unloading operations and prioritise the wells according to recomentdations from Operation and field development division.
  • Directs and supervises the TV team on non-routine activities like de-oiling, flusing in a safe manner.
  • Support field supervisor in preparing the well head towers by utilizing the test vessel for routine/planned/breakdown maintenance and first line maintenance.  Also, support in carrying out infield oil/water and gas pipelines cleaning and intelligent pigging operations utilizing the test vessel.
  • Represent ADNOC Offshore on board the test vessel, supervises flow testing, choke adjustments for optimum well performance, cleanup, unloading and bleed down operations. 
  • Supervises the operations of oil productions, and gas & water injection including opening, closing, adjusting wells, carries out well flow test utilizing test seperators, operating well head equipment, controlling quantities of water injected, to ensure that the oil and gas production quantities and qualities are as required target.  Reports the result to field development.
  • Ensures that adequate level of stock of supplies and spares are always maintained for the smooth operation of well head towers.  Issues material request, work request and work orders.
  • Ensures a high level of safety and house keeping throughout the fields, carries out self-safety audits and planned inspection preparing inspection list, classifying plant equipment from hazard and risk point of views.
  • Involve in Occupational health, Technical and Marine audit on the test vessel.
  • Assure the welfare of employees on test vessel.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Manager Production Field.


Qualification, Experience & Knowledge Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum / Chemical Engineering or equivalent.
  • 8+ Years’ experience in an WHT & Pipeline with full understanding of Well Testing Standard and procedure.
  • Good knowledge of both spoken and written English language.