Senior Operator - Gas Export

Company: ADNOC OFFSHORE (Previously ADMA Opco & ZADCO)

Work Location: Abu Dhabi Offsites

Work Cycle: 28/28 Rotation 

Job Purpose: Operates, monitors and controls facilities in the respective Plant areas, providing work instructions, as necessary to operators, take corrective actions during emergency situations and Plant abnormalities in accordance with standing instructions and as per the advice of panel operators or higher levels of supervision.

Job Specific Accountabilities: 


  • Provides work instructions and guidance to assigned operators and ensures their work is conducted in line with standard operating procedures, established program and supervisory instructions complying to health, safety and environmental policy.
  • Monitors Plant process instruments for Pressure, Temperature, Level, Flow etc., and ensures periodic logging of parameters for smooth and efficient running of Plant and the equipment.
  • Controls and monitors local panel for various major equipment in the Plant, look out for any abnormalities, fault or leak and report immediately to supervisor for initiating its repair work. 
  • Routinely monitor the various operating equipment in the Plant, look out for any abnormalities, fault or leak and report immediately to supervisor for initiating its repair work.
  • In case of emergencies, shuts down Plant partially or totally, take necessary actions in accordance with standing orders and instructions from Senior Panel Operator/higher level of Supervision. Ensures safe start-up of the plant/equipment after plant upset/emergency in coordination with control room.
  • Prepares the equipment and/or facilities for maintenance and inspection and ensures that all necessary procedures and instructions from Plant and Safety authorities are followed as defined in the work permit. Authorize job start. Closes work permit after testing the equipment can be put back in
  • Logs operating incidents occurring in the shift and passes on the remarks to the counterpart in the next shift; discusses incidents with the Supervisor.
  • Checks that work carried out by maintenance personnel is in accordance with the company safety regulations and standard procedures.
  • Checks house-keeping and pollution in the area to ensure it is kept clean, tidy and safe to work.
  • Checks if the samples for routine analysis have been collected by the laboratory and checks the results for operating conditions adjustment if required.
  • Conducts checking on chemical product composition, injection and demineralizing water operations keeping work area clean, tidy and safe.
  • Suggests modifications for improvement of overall Plant efficiency.
  • Leads Firefighting operations in his area until taken over by higher authority.
  • Gives orientations and guidance to new Entry Point Employee’s (EPE’s)/UAE Nationals.

Minimum Qualification: Technical Degree or Diploma in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering. Advanced degree is preferable.

Minimum Experience: 12+ years experience in Plant Operations in Refinery or Petrochemical Plant.  Offshore Experience strongly preferred.