Senior Operator - Process

Company: ADNOC OFFSHORE (Previously ADMA Opco & ZADCO)

Work Location: Abu Dhabi Offsites

Work Cycle: 28/28 Rotation 

Job Purpose: Monitor and control process parameters for Oil and gas control room panels. Take quick & safe corrective actions in case of process upsets or emergency situations in line with standing instructions.

Job Specific Accountabilities: 


  • Monitor and control process parameters in all the Oil and gas control room panels from NASR FIELD Control Centre. Take timely remedial actions in case of process alarms or plant upsets due to instrument/equipment failure, ensuring safety of plant & personnel.
  • To assist the Shift Supervisor, in day-to-day activities by providing proper feedback during failure of any plant protection system and follow-up it is normalised.
  • In case of emergency, take appropriate actions as per ADNOC Offshore emergency procedures and contingency plans.
  • Ensure that all nominated personnel are informed immediately in cases of emergency, according to standard procedures. Maintain communication at all times with the fire team(s) and ensure that the Shift Supervisor and Fire Master are kept fully informed of the status of the panel and other operations, by radio or telephone.
  • Maintain communication with Emergency Control Centre, Fire Control Centre other ADNOC Offshore sites, Clinic, Abu Dhabi and any other agency as per the emergency situation. Keep a running log of all activities.
  • Provide work guidance to oil and gas Senior Operators / Operators and coordinate their activities in keeping with standard operating procedures & standing instructions complying with company’s Health, Safety & Environment policy.
  • Safely shut down the affected Plant partially or totally. Restore the Plant to normal operating conditions safely and efficiently once the situation is normalised.
  • To initiate work request for maintenance in case of equipment/instrument failure in co-ordination with field operators & shift supervisor.
  • Follow-up work permits, take equipment/instruments out of service for maintenance and to take back in service after maintenance intervention. Carry out Manual Override switches operation as per Safety Device Lock Off procedure, as and when required for the relevant maintenance jobs.
  • Monitor the quality of products and intermediates and take necessary corrective actions when the Lab analysis indicates deviation from standard norms.
  • Prepare ‘Daily Consumption Sheet’ which indicates stock of various utilities including Diesel/Water production and export. Undertake other similar or related duties such as preparation of related reports and statistics.
  • Carry out performance studies of Plant & equipment and prepare relevant data/reports.
  • For Pre-planned Inspection / Maintenance / Shutdown of major vessels/equipment Plant section. Involve in preparation of detailed procedure. Follow-up and record the activities.
  • Give orientation and on-the-job guidance to trainees/U.A.E. nationals in Plant process controls.
  • Carry out the job function in accordance with the Operating Standing Instructions, Plant Operating Procedures and HSE commitment / Policy to achieve strategic objectives and targets stipulated in ADNOC Offshore HSE management system document.

Minimum Qualification: Technical Degree or Diploma in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering. Advanced degree is preferable.

Minimum Experience: 12+ years experience in Process Plant Operations in Refinery or Petrochemical Plant.  Minimum 5 Years as Senior Process Plant Operator.  Offshore Experience strongly preferred.