Senior Technician - Electrical Maintenance

Company: ADNOC OFFSHORE (Previously ADMA Opco & ZADCO)

Work Location: Abu Dhabi Offsites

Work Cycle: 28/28 Rotation 

Job Purpose: Directs and participates in a variety of electrical construction, routine and scheduled preventive maintenance, trouble shooting and breakdown maintenance on such plant and equipment as production platform, wellheads, utilities, water injection plant, living quarter platform, and equipment such as LV / HV motors, LV / HV switchgear, power distribution plant, PLC knowledge, soft starter, Variable Frequency Derives (VFD), MECO desalination units, reverse osmosis, turbine generators control, diesel driven generators control, Thermo Electric Generator (TEG), pedestal crane control, battery chargers, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), compressors, solid state protection relays knowledge, Solar panels, Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs), etc. Carries out duties in accordance with approved safety regulations.

Job Specific Accountabilities: 


  • Carries out trouble shooting activities both routine and on major equipment such as power generation equipment, solid state controls, PLC panels, computer systems, operation facilities, and high voltage equipment. Uses diagnostic and measuring equipment such as multi-meter oscilloscope megohmmeter, solid state trip devices, multi- amp protective relay test units, numerologic control system tester, ammeter, high voltage audio visual test equipment etc.
  • Provides work direction to Electrical Technician and participates in carrying out repairs on various types of electrical equipment. Includes repairing or replacing defective parts, obtaining necessary suppliers, parts and tools as necessary, testing and handling over the user department.
  • Carries out electrical work on construction projects. Includes preparing material take-off lists, providing full description of parts required, passing list to his supervisor / Team Leader for the ordering of parts, obtaining equipment and supplies from warehouse, installing conduits, power cables and related wiring, sockets, lighting and grounding system etc., re-installing motors, installing new heavy duty transformers, installing control circuits, etc. Prepares specifications as required. Carries out electrical work on construction projects through to commissioning phase.
  • Designs and engineers electrical systems for new installations and modifications. Includes ordering required materials for the project designing and preparing schematics and detailed drawings, developing specifications as required, preparing estimates for budgeting purposes and carrying out full operational test on completion of the work.
  • Restarts equipment following loss of power. Includes following standard procedures applicable to type of plant and equipment e.g. power house, process control or other specific area.
  • Performs other related duties such as transporting materials, equipment and parts to different work locations.
  • Coordinates daily work load and special projects. Includes liaising with Production and various maintenance crafts, on such matters as the provision of test information, requests for support from other crafts, safety drills and training, availability of materials, equipment and spare parts and exchange of information on engineering technical data.
  • Carries out a variety of administrative activities. Includes preparing daily time sheets, daily work activities report, proposed work schedule for the following day, weekly report on status of major projects, monthly work order status report, forms for repair or testing of equipment, request for work to be completed outside UAD field by ADNOC Offshore or outside contractors, Maximo operation, carrying out research for Purchasing or Engineering and preparing blue prints etc.

Minimum Qualification: Appropriate Technical Degree or Diploma in Electrical Engineering. Advanced degree is preferable. 

Minimum Experience: 12+ years experience in Electrical Installation and Repair Work prefereably in the Oil and Petrochemical Industry.  Offshore Experience strongly preferred.