About Us

UDEEL is 100% UAE National owned company based in Abu Dhabi and has established itself as a leading high level Manpower & Recruitment Company, focused on Oil & Gas, Energy, Costruction and various other Industries. Since our establishment in 1993, we have been serving all the 14 subsidiaries of ADNOC Group by supplying Top Talents to their operations along with other prominent Government Companies like ADDC, ADPC, ADWEA, Bunduq Oil and Gas, NPCC etc.. UDEEL has helped ADNOC Group in all stages of their Oil and Gas Projects including Geosciences, Subsurface, Reservoir Engineering and General Upstream Operations to Midstream Field Development and Downstream Oil and Gas and Energy Projects.

We have employees who are currently working on secondment contract for ADNOC Group and many more supplied on Direct Hire basis. Many More employees who joined as a contract hire were later absorbed as a Direct Hire after serving for a stipulated number of years. With the huge database of highly skilled professionals and strong network of contacts to locate the right candidates UDEEL provides the High Skilled Manpower from all around globe within a very short notice.

All personnel are selected specically to meet individual clients' job specications and in case if no suitable stay are available inhouse, we recruit from our agents in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Romania etc. Matching the right people with the right positions is our motto and we are proud of our reputation as a dedicated supplier of the highest caliber personnel to Abu Dhabi's Oil, Gas and Industrial Sectors, We are fully committed to supporting our Clients in their development and expansion within the Region and elsewhere.

Our Vision

UDEEL shall be the preferred Recruitment and Manpower Consultancy for every major Oil and Gas, Energy, Construction and various other Government employers in the Middle East.

Our Mission

We will continue to source talented professionals in the Middle East, & attract new expertise from across the globe and will manage for Operational Excellence by diligently implementing best practices, maintaining international standards in the quality of work & improving productivity by identifying candidates with exceptional abilities, & matching.