Engineer - Drilling Fluids

Company: ADNOC OFFSHORE (Previously ADMA & ZADCO)

Work Location: ADNOC HQ, Abu Dhabi

Job Purpose: The Fluids Engineer provides expert-level support to Well Operations in drilling and completions fluids technology to ensure optimum application of fit for purpose drilling fluids systems in a safe & cost effective manner.

Key Accountablities:

  • Job Specific Accountabilities

    • Provides expert-level support to Well Operations in drilling and completions fluids technology including but not limited to:
      • Drilling Muds
      • Completion Brines
      • Polymers
      • Lost circulation materials
      • Additives (corrosion inhibitor, oxygen scavenger, de-emulsifiers, anti-sludges, etc).
      • Relative Permeability Modifiers (RPM’s)
      • Fluids Equipment (Solids Control, Shaker Screens, Degassers, Testing Equipment, etc).
      • QA/QC
    • Provides fluids input in the well planning process, wherever required to improve fluid performance.
    • Prepares Drilling & Completion fluids programs and procedures.
    • Ensures that best practices and lessons learned are incorporated in fluid programs.
    • Implements safe drilling practices with Non-Aqueous Fluids with full environment protection.
    • Ensures cost optimization of operations while maintaining a high level of quality, safety and preventing any pollution.
    • Leads and guides Fluids Engineers on site in addressing operational and technical drilling and completion fluids issues.
    • Lead trouble-shooting & analysis of drilling problems, lab pilot tests & simulations, recommend improvements and solutions.
    • Custodian of general fluids procedures incorporated in the drilling and completions programs, including HSE aspects of product handling (Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), etc).
    • Participates in the preparation of tenders’ technical scope and specifications and support technical evaluations and pre-qualifications as needed.
    • Reviews current fluids usage and practices and identifies improvement opportunities.
    • Recommends initiatives to improve usage practice of fluids so that optimal operational performance is achieved.
    • Ensure quality assurance of all drilling and completion chemicals. Carry out pilot studies and new product / formulation evaluations.
    • Provides expert advice on fluids testing methodology.
    • Conducts any qualification review of new fluids products.
    • Participates in pre-qualification process of fluids vendors.
    • Participates in bid preparation and technical evaluation of fluids vendor bids.
    • Conducts annual performance review of contracted fluids vendor(s).
    • Carries out spot checks of chemicals in ADNOC Offhsore Stores, supplier stores, Service Company stores & rigs and brines at the brine plant. Ensures proper storage, handling & house-keeping procedures, HSE procedures and documents control are followed.
    • Liaises with Commercial division and with Stores to ensure sufficient safety stock of chemicals is maintained at Stores. Monitors chemical consumption patterns and investigates any abnormalities. Establishes quarterly chemical requirements based on planned types of wells.
    • Involves in trouble-shooting drilling problems, suggests solutions and recommendations. Performs pilot tests at the lab as required for trouble-shooting drilling problems.
    • Performs periodical safety and operational audits on rigs, lead audits of fluid contractors and suppliers’ yards / warehouses and labs. Ensure close-out of audit recommendations.
    • Reviews and analyses of any contractor’s equipment or products failures, non-conformance of services and fluid related rig NPTs and ensure implementation of corrective actions. Reviews and monitors contractor’s execution performance and reporting.
    • Review and develops Company Fluids procedures and practices for inclusion in Drilling Fluid Manuals.
    • Networks with Service Company and Shareholder fluids specialists on best practices, problem solving, fluid parameters and product usage.
    • Participates in operational meetings, well planning, task forces, workshops, etc. as needed.
    • Provide technical support and mentoring for new hires, internees and CAMS include the support of succession planning and nationalization.


Qualification, Experience & Knowledge Skills:

  • Bachelors Degree in Chemical or Petroleum Engineering.
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience and knowledge of drilling and completions/work overs fluids systems and technologies including ERD.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in field operations (fluids and/or cement) related to drilling, completion and workover activities (Desired).
  • Training or certifications from accredited organizations in fluids and/or cement (preferred).
  • Same base skills as Drilling and Completions / Workovers Engineers. In addition:
      • Drilling and Completions Fluids Standards and Specifications
      • Advanced Fluids Technology
      • Fluids Equipment and Hardware Technology
      • Fluids Testing Standards